Children And Tahitian Noni Juice

Is Tahitian Noni Juice Safe For Children?

The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes”.  Now, here I am speaking about the brand of noni which is produced by Morinda Bioactives, the first and original noni on the market – Tahitian Noni® Juice. This is not to be mistaken for the product put out by Tahitian Gold and other companies which they advertise as Tahitian Noni Juice.

Have a look at this video for some more information:

Research has been carried out regarding the safety of this particular product. In 2002 the European Commission for Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General allowed Tahitian Noni® Juice into Europe as a “novel food” after extensive safety testing. Another clinical trial is listed below.  It would be interesting to see if any other noni company has bothered to carry out safety research on their product.

When you have your children drink any noni drink make sure it is the brand on which all human clinical trials have been conducted – Morinda Bioactives Tahitian Noni Juice

Safety Clinical  Trial

Conducted by: The British Industrial Biological Research Association (BIBRA).

Published in: Journal of Food Science

Description: 96 people, double-blind, placebo-controlled, one month trial, high dose of 750 ml/day (¾ bottle)

Results: Tahitian Noni® Juice absolutely safe & reduced number of illness related events

Use in Children

One of the best tests of whether a product works or not is to use it with children and animals. These two groups have no or very little (in the case of children) placebo effect (it works because they think it will).

We and thousands of others have used Tahitian Noni® Juice for children in cases of ezcema, asthma, viruses such as colds and flu and other viruses, recovery from injury, bites and stings, wound healing and a multitude of other health issues.

How Much Should Children Drink?

In early childhood children generally drink 1/4 of an adult amount.  Remembering that there is no “dosage” as such because it is a fruit juice with no toxicity.  We recommend that an “average” amount for an adult daily is 30mls (1 ounce) /twice a day.  So that would mean about 7-10 mls (2 teaspoons) of Tahitian Noni® Juice twice a day for a small child. Obviously as they get older larger amounts can be drunk.

We generally encourage people to drink more in the following situations:

1.  an illness is starting (the acute stage) – hourly consumption

2. degenerative diseases and other serious diseases such as cancer – a regimen would be established for each case.

3. an individual has multiple health conditions – as for 2

4. elite athletes – as for 2

5. migraine or asthma attack onset – these are special occurrences and carry their own recommendations which we will set out in future posts.

In these situations we recommend drinking Tahitian Noni® Juice hourly to provide the body with the iridoids it needs to strengthen its immune system fight disease .

Be sure to go to leave comments below of any results you have seen with Tahitian Noni Juice consumption and children.

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8 thoughts on “Children And Tahitian Noni Juice

    1. allthingsnoni123 Post author

      I’ll be happy to write a post on Defy Biotopical Age Intervention soon. Watch for the post and thanks for visiting. If you have any specific question then please ask it.


    1. allthingsnoni123 Post author

      Hi Caren,
      My brother-in-law has 4 autistic children and they use both Tahitian Noni Juice and the TruAge Max (both from Morinda Bioactives and found on our website These are great for wellbeing and immunity as well as a host of other issues. There is a 4 bottle/90 day 100% money back guarantee on the products with no questions asked. Please be aware that postage is not included in that guarantee, only the cost of the juices. All the best and let me know if you have any further questions.


  1. citra utoyo

    i have a daughter 10 years old (weigh 30 kg) she has cronics asthma and she has allergy so she can have flue very easily… and sometimes her flue becomes ear infection ( now she is wearing ear tubes)..i really hope noni juice can help her fighting her illness…
    just want to ask you, how many ml of noni juice should i give her? and how often per day?
    thankyou so much


    1. allthingsnoni123 Post author

      Hi Citra – I can only comment on the original Tahitian Noni Juice in relation to your daughter as not all Noni juices are the same unfortunately. Raw Noni juice should not be drunk on an ongoing basis and some Noni juices are reconstituted from dried Noni which kills some of the essential nutrients. If you can, then please try Tahitian Noni Juice sold by distributors or Morinda. You can of course purchase it through us as well on our website and it comes with a 4 bottle 90 day money back guarantee (not including postage).

      Now your daughter can actually drink as much as she likes of the Tahitian Noni Juice but you can start her on 15 mls 2x day for a few weeks. If she gets an asthma attack immediately give her 30 mls and see how she goes over the next 10 minutes. Once her immunity and other ailments have settled you can reduce it to 15-20 mls per day. Over time you will work out how much she needs to keep her healthy. The truth is with a
      Tahitian Noni Juice the sicker you are the more you should drink. There is no such thing as too much as it has no toxic effects.

      In my experience the juice has greatly helped with asthma (my personal experience) and will raise immunity to normal disease-fighting levels. Please be aware that she should drink it on an ongoing basis for at least 3 months. She may get detox effects but push through those and you should find in a reasonable time, her body will start to respond to the nutrients from the juice.

      All the best


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